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Namkeen (appetizers)
Roti (breads)
Sabzi (vegetarian dishers)
Chicken (murgi)
Lamb (gosht)
Veal (all white meat)
Shrimp (machi)
Tandoori (low cal)
Biryani (rice dishers)

Dinner (for 2 of 4)



(Vegetarian Specialties)

New Sabzi
(Vegetarian Specialties)

Bhindi  Masala
Okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes & spices.

Kadhai  Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked in exotic spices, tomatoes, bell peppers & garlic sauce.

Saag  Cholay
Chick peas cooked with spinach in special garlic sauce. A typical Punjabi dish.

Bombay  Aloo
Potatoes cooked in the unique 'Bombay' style, spicy and tangy.

(Vegetarian Specialties)

Baingan Bharta 
A traditional vegetarian specialty of eggplant baked over an open flame, mashed and seasoned with garlic and spices and then sautéed with onions and peas. A substantial dish, good with Raita and a tandoori bread.

Vegetable Vindaloo 
Onions and green peppers pan roasted with mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes and spices in our special hot sauce. Plain Nan and Raita recommended.Navratan Korma

Zera Aloo
Sumptuous delicately seasoned potato curry prepared with cumin seeds and fresh tomatoes. A heaven for potato lovers. Plain Nan will make an excellent combination.

Punjabi Curry 
Hot and spicy made with yogurt and chick pea flour, potatoes and vegetable pakoras in a Punjabi style mix of spices . Tandoori Roti highly recommended.

Navratan Korma   
Fresh nine garden vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce and flavored with herbs, spices and cashews. A delight for vegetable lovers.

Raj Maa 
A very popular Haryana dish, cooked red kidney beans in its own sauce. Of course finished in your personal taste mild, medium or hot.

Dal Tadaka 
A typical Punjabi yellow lentils cooked with onions and ginger.

Gobhi Aloo
The latest addition to our menu, flowerets of cauliflower cooked on very low flame with baby potatoes and seasoned with garlic and spices. Excellent dish with tava bread and Raita.

Shahi PaneerSaag Paneer 
Home made cheese in a bed of spinach, ginger, butter and fresh herbs.

Palak Aloo 
Baby potatoes in a savory bed of spinach, cream and freshly ground spices.

Paneer Do-Piaza
A classic dish cooked in Mughlai style—fresh home made cheese pan roasted with onions, tomatoes and our Mother India spice blend.

Aloo Cholay
Tasty chick peas and potatoes prepared in typical North Indian style.

Dal Makhani
Creamed lentils laced with ginger oil, light cream and a touch of spice in typical South Indian style.

Shahi Paneer Makhani
Home made cheese cooked in a creamy sauce with nuts. May become your favorite.

Malai Kofta
Vegetable cheese balls cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a light cream sauce. An extremely popular dish in India.

Aloo Matar 
A light stew of peas and potatoes in an aromatic marriage of Indian spices.

Matar Paneer
Fresh garden peas and home made cheese with onions, garlic and fragrant spices.

Mushroom Matar
Peas pan roasted with mushrooms and spices in our special sauce.