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Namkeen (appetizers)
Roti (breads)
Sabzi (vegetarian dishers)
Chicken (murgi)
Lamb (gosht)
Veal (all white meat)
Shrimp (machi)
Tandoori (low cal)
Biryani (rice dishers)

Dinner (for 2 of 4)




Mother India Blonde Ale
Designed with careful attention to the menu at New Mother India, this ale is serious enough to cut through the menu's spicy offerings yet subtle enough so that it won't overwhelm your meal. A spicy hop aroma with a touch of malt gives the ale a smooth, dry finish with a bracing hit of hops in the mouth.Compliment your dinner with a world class all natural beer now, brewed locally with no preservatives, no additives or pasteurization. 


Please check our beer display for the latest beers; we introduce new beers every four weeks.

International & Domestic Beers
      Regular  Large 

Indian Beers

Taj Mahal India Lager X X
Kingfisher India Lager X  
Flying Horse India Lager   X
New Micro Brewery Beers
Allagash Belgian Maine White Ale X  
MOJO-IPA Boulder IPA   X
Brooklyn-Lager New York Lager X  
Brooklyn-Pilsner New York Pilsner X  
Brooklyn-IPA New York IPA X  
Uni Maudite Canada Ale X X
Uni La Fin Du Mond Canada Triple Ale X X
Flying Dog-Doggie Style Colorado Pale Ale X  
Flying Dog-Snake Dog Colorado IPA X  
Flying Dog-In Heat Wheat Colorado Wheat X  
Geary's Pale Ale Maine Pale Ale X  
Geary's London Porter Maine Porter X  
Smutty Nose Old Brown Portsmouth Lager X  
Regular Beers
(Rated as one of the top 100 beers of the world and rated as the top double-bock.)
Germany Double Bock X  
Anchor Steam US Lager X  
New Castle England Brown Ale   X
Hoegarden Belgium While Ale X  
Singha Thailand Lager X X
Sam Adam US Lager X  
J. Echter Hefe-Wiess Germany Wheat X  
Fuller's England ESB X X
Heineken Holland Lager X X
Duvel Belgium Trappist X X
Amstel (Light) Holland Lager X  
Sam Adam(Light) Boston Lager X  
Sam Smith
(Tedcaster, Yorkshire, England)
Nut Brown Ale
Truly nutty tasting, slightly sweet and very smooth.
England Ale X X
Old Brewery Pale Ale
Hoppy and full textured, an American favorite.
England Ale X X
India Pale Ale England Ale   X
Non-Alcoholic / Water
Kaliber Ireland Non X  
Clausthaler Germany Non X  
Poland Springs Maine Water   X
Perrier - Sparkling France Water X  

Fruit Beers

Please check our beer display for the latest beers. We introduce new beers every four weeks.
Without question, the world’s rarest and most unusual—some say best—beer is lambic. Singly, in the world of brewing, no yeast is added to this beer. Rather, a wild, natural microflora yeast continues to occur in the Flemish province of Brabant, Belgium. Lambic is unique in that, the brewing process often takes several years and the seasoning for the beers very old fashion—fruits and berries rather than hops. Fresh cherries, raspberries or peaches are added to an aged lambic, to contribute seasoning, taste, color and yeast. What hops are used are aged for three years and added for their preservative qualities. Lambics are a complex family of beers which include dry aperitif beers, full bodied dinner beers and fruity dessert beers.

Lambics are an esoteric specialty and have an individuality that is beginning to attract a new generation of beer lovers. They are it a word, delicious—really delicious. We are proud to introduce to our restaurant the fine selection of Lindeman’s lambic beers. This brewery produces the most traditional and finest lambics available.



Lindeman’s Framboise (Raspberry)
Suppose you had to choose 10 bottles—only 10—to last the rest of your life? Lindeman’s Framboise. It doesn’t look like a beer, not with its double-thick bottle sealed with a cork as well as cap. It certainly doesn’t taste like a beer, not with its champagne like bubbles and intriguing raspberry flavor. Lindeman’s Framboise is a dessert beer, enjoyed in lieu of Coffee at the end of the meal.
The first time a beer was awarded the "Best Wine" award at the Spectacular Wine and Food Festival in Sacramento, CA

Lindeman’s Peche (Peach)
Fresh Belgian Peaches are added to aged lambic (wild yeast) beer. The total brewing process takes more than two years Fred Eckhardt, respected beer writer recently described the Peche as the finest beer being imported into America. Peche is golden in color with a nose that fills the room with a bouquet of fresh peaches.

Lindeman’s Kreik ( Blackcherry)
The rose beer that is a traditional summer brew in Belgium. The color and fruity palate comes from fresh Schaarbeek blackcherries that have been macerated in the beer. The fruit addition brings a tartness and distinctive flavor, somewhere between fresh cider and sparkling wine.

Lindeman’s Gueze
The mysterious "wild fermented" wheat beer of Belgium. A bland of "young" lambic of several months age with lambics up to three years old. It has a cidery, winery palate, reminiscent, perhaps of dry vermouth.